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Aquasure RO Water Purifiers In Delhi-NCR

Aquasure Water Purifiers as a team with Eureka Forbes presented coordinate offering of items like Eureka Forbes water purifier, air purifiers, security frameworks and vacuum cleaners especially in Indian markets. We give the items in the NCR area including Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad, Noida, and Ghaziabad. The global technological ascent has though pushed the advancements in the realm of growth but at the same time has also deteriorated the quality of so-called healthy living. The most significant evidence to this is the degradation of our natural resources. Air, water, and land- all three realms of the Earth are heavily polluted. The water resources are most vulnerable to this drastic change. Along with acute scarcity of water, there is also an issue of its contamination. The universal property of water is solvency, hence, it is also known as the universal solvent. As a result, water effectively dissolves and sweeps away all the contents it comes across en route irrespective of whether harmful or beneficial.


Aquasure RO Service Center Number


Aquasure Ro water purifiers is currently the perfect answer for get decontaminated type of water as each wellspring of drinking water is presently vigorously sullied with unsafe polluting influences like chemicals, pesticides, microscopic organisms, infection and others and water being widespread dissolvable, assimilates all sort of contaminations. Accordingly Aquasure Ro installation has turned out to be necessary in each home to guarantee your family gets the unadulterated type of water.


Aquasure RO is one of the leading companies which provides all round solution to the water related topic and Ro Care India has existence of experience in trading and supply of RO purifying system and thus provides the best service to the purchaser as per their need and insist.


From fitting to servicing RO Care India provides full solution about Ro system. You can call Aquasure service center related to any kind of issue with the water filter. we have the team of the most trained and expert technicians providing service around Delhi and other NCR areas like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida. Aquasure Ro service center number is accessible throughout the day to provide services related to Aquasure repair 24*7 or 365 days.


There are different Aquasure Ro AMC schemes provide by Aqua sure ro service centre to give the clients a wide range of option to choose from. Our normal servicing price of residential Ro is just Rs 300 and with special AMC plans you can also get the facility of free of cost replacement of different parts of the RO system according to the Aquasure Ro AMC chosen plan.


So with Aqua water purifier, you get the option of buying aqua sure water purifier through our online website after compare with various different websites and the best offer from the expert technicians along with the best after sales service for Aquasure repair.




Aquasure uses highly developed technology to clean the waters in the most efficient way which is even better than the boil water as boiled water can’t eliminate solid wastes and can’t maintain mineral level, whereas, Aquasure Ro System maintain the level of mineral along with eliminate all kind of contaminates. To know about the same you can contact Aquasure customer care toll free number.


With the growing industrialization and urbanization, the level of contamination as reached sky high which has lead to contamination of all source of water sources. Aquasure is one of the excellent and most trusted companies in India which is providing all round solution for the handling of water and the Aquasure helpline number is available 24*7 to provide services about the RO system.


We at Aquasure service center, have years of knowledge in the field of supplying of Ro decontamination system and thus provides the good solution towards our customer according to their need. Different Ro method works at an most favorable level according to the type of water and to choose the best system it is necessary to test the water by an professional technician and Aquasure ro service center have the team of the most skilled and experienced engineers which provide the best support.


Aquasure RO system provides a complete result for the water purification, but being a mechanism it also needs accepted servicing and maintenance and if any time you face any sort of problem with the RO system, then the friendly executive of the Aquasure complaint number will be helping out during the same.


Aquasure is the most trusted Ro system , but just installation of the same doesn’t make sure solution for lifetime as every purifier needs to be serviced in monthly break along with replacement of different parts like filter membrane and others which are optional to be complete by the professionals only and the toll-free number of Aquasure operates 24*7 for 365 days to register any kind of client related issue to provide appropriate solution and at Ro Care India, we provide the complete solution from Installation, servicing and maintenance along with AMC for Aquasure water purifier.


AquaSure Customer Care Number


Aquasure RO is the most common home product for the water purification system in India and it is providing undisputed water treatment for long time. Now a days Trust is a very difficult to earn in today’s life and Aquasure is one of the most trusted companies in India and for the Aquasure customer care. Aquasure customer care Delhi operates for 24*7 for 365 days to provide nonstop services during the day and night regarding any issues in operation or managing of Aquasure Ro system and to provide its customers with quick and instant solution.

The people had developed a lot in last few decades with rapid urbanization and industrialization, this has been a great increase towards the life but it also had a great effect that is increasing pollution. There are 3 major things of humans life i.e. air, food and water all are contaminated with harmful chemicals and pollution which had resulted in the advanced amount of deadly diseases and water is among the most common. So water has become essential to take pure form of water and Aquasure customer care is the best place to consult about the products.

Aquasure Ro Water purifier become a common appliance in every household due to the increasing contamination of water. It is very much unsafe to drink unclear water as it is the main cause of many deadly water-borne diseases. Delhi being the capital city is already under pressure with the high level of pollution and have the greatest number cases registered in health units every day due to contaminated waters. Contact at Aquasure customer care in Delhi to know more about the Aquasure RO.

Ro system is the most advanced technology to care for water in the most superior way without using any injurious chemical for the cleansing and give the purest form of water and it gives in several tests that purified water from Eureka Forbes water purifier is completely secure for drinking. So if you are at rest not using RO system for water, contact immediately in Aquasure customer care number and get the details.

Advantages of Our Services

The AQUA Sure water purifier deals in a purification of tap water that in generally used in every house. Our large area of service is NCR region; with the great market in these areas our Aqua Sure RO online availability of the product gives it the national presence. The customers can benefit themselves with the yearly AQUA Sure repair service by calling in our Aqua sure customer care service. Our product ensures the viruses and bacteria free drinking water. However, with the advantages of Aqua sure water purifier, there are also some disadvantages. The natural minerals get removed by the RO purification; hence, the mineral-less water causes the deficiency of minerals in the body.


• Cost effectiveness
• Timely delivery
• Client centric approach
• Transparency


Service Charge for Domestic Ro - Rs. 300 (Three Hundred Rupees)..

Installation and Uninstalation Charge For Domestic Ro - Rs.500 (Five Hundred Rupees)..

AMC Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Faulty Parts
AMC Plan 1 999.00 Yes No No No No
AMC Plan 2 2450.00 Yes Yes No No No
AMC Plan 3 2500.00 Yes No No Yes No
AMC Plan 4 4000.00 Yes Yes Yes No No
AMC Plan 5 5000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
AMC Plan 6 6000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note: RO Care India is an independent company & authorized sales partner of Kent Ro Systems Ltd. RO Care is NCR's Largest & Fastest Growing Service Provider Company & We undertake job work of Service, AMC, Repair & Maintenance of RO Systems, RO Care is totally responsible for these and no relation to parent company in any regards.

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